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Agile S.A. has proven experience implementing many SAP projects using the ASAP methodology.

ASAP Methodology - SAP RoadMap

ASAP Methodology for Implementation is the SAP roadmap for implementing SAP solutions in a cost-effective, speedy manner. ASAP provides a proven, repeatable implementation methodology to streamline projects and achieve lower total cost of implementation (TCI). SAP offers ASAP methodology for Simplified Rapid Deployment Solution Experience, Assemble-to-Order projects, Agile and Standard projects to support the needs of clients with various SAP deployment strategies.


Benefits of the ASAP Methodology

The ASAP methodology gives you a comprehensive way to streamline the implementation, upgrade, and enhancement of SAP software. ASAP offers you the following benefits.

  • Reduced total cost of implementation by embedding the principles of SAP Advanced Delivery Management into a streamlined and modular implementation road map for ASAP.

  • Choice of Agile or Standard implementation approach of your SAP Solution.

  • Content-rich implementation accelerators, templates, and guides for implementation projects from strategy to operations.

  • Transparent value delivery through consistent reflection of the business case.

  • Efficient project governance, quality management, and guidance for Agile implementation projects, Business Process Management, and traditional implementation projects.

  • Approach that combines user centric design, business processes and IT architecture.

  • Coverage of the entire project lifecycle – from evaluation through delivery to post project solution management and operations.

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