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Services We Provide

Committed to its vision AGILE is permanently trying (and so far successfully) to provide exceptional Services to its customers. Those Services comprise of process analysis and re-engineering, Scoping, Design, Implementation, Development and Training in complex, multinational and demanding IT projects.

Main areas of Services provided by AGILE are:

  • SAP™ Services

  • Other Services (Risk management, Systems Integration, Vertical Solutions, etc)

  • IT Project Management (Agile, PMI and ASAP standards)


SAP Services

One of the company's main activities remains scoping, analysis, design, development, implementation and support of the leading ERP software in the world SAP™.

More specifically the company provides consulting services in the following areas :

  • Project Management Services and QA

The consultants at Agile are in the position to manage and successfully complete within time, budget and quality standards the most sophisticated and complex projects based on their experience and continuous training.

  • Processes analysis / Design / Implementation

Agile has a large database of own consultants and associates who provide excellent services in their area of expertise in a highly professional manner. Some of the SAP areas we can provide superior services are:

FI/AM → Financials / Fixed Assets
RE/CFM → Real Estate / Corporate Finance Management
CO → Controlling
BW/SEM → Analytics
ΜΜ/SD → Materials Management / Sales & Distribution
PP/PS/PM → Production Planning / Project System / Plant Maintenance
ABAP/XI/Portal → Development/Technology

  • Enterprise Application Integration

Integration between systems in the same company and between companies (with Customers and Vendors) .

Our associates at Agile have the necessary knowledge in order to select for every situation the best solution by selecting the appropriate technology / methodology and architecture. Agile is always committed to support each project with all its means (
extensive knowledge-base, experts, training)

  • Vertical Solutions

Agile S.A. has proven experience in the following SAP Industry Solutions:

  • Insurance

  • Utilities

  • Public Sector

  • Hospitals

Other Services

  • Integration and Risk analysis.

  • Process Re-engineering.

  • Vertical Solutions.

  • Customized development.

  • Systems Integration.


IT Project Management

IT projects are today more complicated and demanding then ever before. Process and Systems Integration along with Security issues are contributing in the complexity of the implementations. Further more companies are much more sensitive on cost issues. The Project Manager has the responsibility to achieve all of the above according to the project charter and during all project phases initiation, co-ordination, controlling and closing of the project. The proven way to be successful in his endeavour is to execute in a professional manner at least the following functions:

  • Project initiation and administration : Development, initiation and follow-up of the detailed project plan at the WBS level (project plan)

  • Project Scope Management : Detailed definition of all deliverables of the project. Early Identification of Scope changes and proper action to ensure the success of the project.

  • Cost and time management : completion of the project within budget and time.

  • Quality management : the deliverables have to conform to the specified quality standards.

  • Human Resource Management : Recruitment and Resource Management.

  • Information flow management : systematic co-ordination of the information flow to all stake holders and participants according to their information needs.

  • Risk Management : identification of potential risk areas, close follow-up, risk analysis and management

  • Management of External Resources : Selection / co-ordination / administration & control of the services and materials-contracts necessary for the completion of the project.

AGILE is committed on methodologies and project management techniques that have evolved through our rich experience in complicated IT projects, as well from continuous training, active involvement and certification from the leading institute in the world regarding PM issues, the Project Management Institute (PMI).

SAP Hellenization

SAP Products

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